The Beginning of the Lasts

This past week was the start of classes – again. But this time it felt different. It was my last first day as Ohio U Bobcat. And there are some things I’d like to say about that.

  1. HOW DID I GET THIS OLD? (This should be self-explanatory.)
  2. I am making it my goal to start every day new. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in meetings and homework and more meetings – while these things are all important parts of being a college student, I realized that there are some other essentials I’ve figured out over the past 3 years.
    1. Being kind to your roommate is necessary. (This one’s for you, Mo.) Last night I was talking to another friend about graduating and how we’re both experiencing the same creeping, nervous sensation… And I found myself saying “I can’t believe I’m looking for jobs and apartments and Morgan won’t be there with me!” It’s crazy how much you take them for granted when you’re getting in each other’s way in the bathroom or digging through their closet when you have nothing to wear in yours. Saying nice things and helping each other out should not be overlooked. IMG_3059
    2. BUYING YOURSELF ATHENS COFFEE. ALSO NECESSARY. As this year started, I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend so much money on coffee. And when my favorite place to by a medium iced vanilla latte with skim milk is at Court Street Coffee, it’s not the cheapest either. My dad always jokes around when he glances at my bank statement – “Coffee, coffee, coffee, that’s all I see on here!” But I only have one more school year left to run in and ask what the special is on my way to class. I’m going to enjoy every single sip.
    3. Spending time alone helps clear the mind. I’m a social person, point-blank. But what I’ve found is that there comes a time when you need to just crawl into bed with a book and be alone. College (and especially OU) is a place where you’re constantly surrounded by other rushed college students and their book bags. I’m going to take a little time each day to enjoy just being by myself.
  3. I couldn’t be more thankful for the little things: my apartment on Court Street (every OU kid’s dream), my late morning classes and my awesome professors this semester.IMG_3429
  4. Lastly, I’m going to soak up every moment I have with the wonderful people that OU has brought me. I have the best friends that are always there for me. I know we’ll all move on to the next stages of our lives soon and that distance and time might separate us. So here’s to the last school year where we’re all only a few streets away from each other on this beautiful campus.IMG_2660IMG_3482

I’m not controversial; so sue me.

As I was attempting to write a new post for another site I contribute to, I asked one of the editors what exactly they were looking for and she replied “we’re hoping to get more controversial pieces out.” Now, any good journalist/editor knows that an angle is needed for every story, and the more crazy the angle, the more traffic to your site and more reactions to the piece. I completely understood her — but my first response was, “I feel like I’m not too controversial of a person… by I’ll try!”

Wait… what does that even mean?

To me, controversial is defined as something the sparks discussion, debates, or a topic that has immediate back-lash and disagreement. When I usually sit down at my laptop to write, not many of these things come to mind. Sure, I’d like some debates around my writing; but for the most part, I’m someone that loves the peacefulness that comes with agreement. I don’t like when people are mad at me, I hate when I fight with friends and family and I don’t love to get sarcastic and demeaning comments on my blog posts.

In our world today, my generation gets thrown into a big pile of people called #millennials. As millennials, we’re known to be carving a path with forceful opinions and lots of hashtags. But honestly, that’s. not. me. I like people, I love communication, social media, family togetherness, and travel. Not much controversy here. And while people in my generation take pride in going against the grain (there is NOTHING wrong with this, by the way) I just don’t fit into the ‘controversial’ category. And guess what? I think that’s okay by me. Fight on, fighters, but I think I’m going to just sit back enjoy the peacefulness that comes with being non-controversial.

Benefits of Blogging


Although I’ve had this blog for years now, I’ve struggled with being a consistent blogger. Having a blog for me has always been like having an online diary (much better for such a media-centered world anyways, right?). And sometimes, life just gets in the way of actually writing about life – but this shouldn’t stop anyone from sharing bits and pieces of their lives whether personal or professional and here’s why:

  1. Writing is good for the soul. I believe that everybody is a writer. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself the best, everyone can sit down and write about what they’re doing/thinking/feeling. It can be good to just get it out of your head and online!
  2. Reading is ALSO good for the soul. And mind. Usually when someone creates a blog, it leads them to read other people’s blogs. And I am always always an advocate of reading. Connecting and following other people’s blogs are a great way to learn and connect. Which leads me to my next point.
  3. Networking. Yes, blogs can help with that. As long as your blog has appropriate content, (and let’s hope that’s true, we’re all adults now) blogs can be a great asset to your portfolio. If you are constantly updating about trends in PR or just trends in general, blogging can show off your writing skills and show that you are up-to-date with worldly topics or issues. It could also help you participate in awesome things like the #ScrippsSummerChallenge, as I’m doing right now!

So, blog on, fellow writers, blog on.


#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 1: Participate in a Twitter Chat

Scripps PRSSA

By Stephanie Gort

The end to our first week of the 2014 Scripps Summer Challenge has arrived and we had some great member participation to kick off the first challenge.

Our July month of PR fun started with having our members participate in a Twitter chat and share what they learned from the experience Four members actively engaged in two different Twitter chats early on in the week. Below is a brief description of the ones they participated in.

#MillennialTalk is a weekly Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 8p.m. EST hosted by Millennial spokesperson and brand consultant Chelsea Krost. Each week, there is a professional guest who joins in the chat to discuss topics that are relevant to Millennials. These topics include career tips, finances, health, education, and entrepreneurship. This past week’s chat discussed the importance of a company’s social impact for Millennials. Follow Chelsea on Twitter @ChelseaKrost to join…

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Coming Home

After almost 5 weeks of traveling, (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check my posts in the Southeast Asia category) it’s safe to say that I experienced different cultures, very different foods and much, much more. The time spent abroad was filled with adventures, new sites and lots of travel. Yet no matter how important those aspects may be to my growth as a student and a person, the one thing that I did learn is that sometimes the best part of traveling is coming home.


There, I said it. I am happy to be home! Familiarity, understanding and relaxation are three things that aren’t easily found when traveling from country to country for almost 5 straight weeks. When I saw my mom standing amongst a throng of other families waiting at the airport with her “Welcome home Erin & Morgan sign” I was relieved. And when my dad kissed my cheek and took my bag, I felt like a kid again.

Something else that traveling does: it makes you grow up. I was basically a fully-functioning adult! And guess what, it was TIRING. At 21, I feel caught between teenager and adult and it was a relief to see my parents, turn off my “adult” switch for a second, and breathe. I have officially decided that I can’t quite be a 24/7 adult yet. That was the moment I realized it.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences I’ve been given and the sites I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. But while someplace new can be exciting and fun, it will never ever be home.

20140618-101840-37120172.jpgMom decided she wanted to take a selfie when I got home. Location: Dayton International Airport. Status: Happy family togetherness.


Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

Love this- especially since I start a media relations internship on Tuesday!


By: Becca Zook @BeccaZook

phoneIf you ask the average person whether they know the difference between Public Relations and Media Relations, chances are they don’t. However, if you ask any communications professional they will tell you that media relations cannot be used interchangeably with public relations.

Public relations involves connecting and creating a relationship between various publics and your organization/business. This means managing communication between consumers, charities, investors, industries, as well as the media.

Media relations is a specialized part of public relations, that focuses on getting as much positive coverage for your organization/business as possible. This involves creating a working relationship with all types of media outlets: broadcast, print and online.

Creating a relationship with media outlets can be difficult. This means making journalists, you’re friends. Which everyone knows journalism and public relations don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Journalists want a good story, while public relations professionals want good news…

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